I am very thankful to the Dansk Knogleselskab (DKS) for their support in the form of a 5000 DKK scholarship to
participate in ECTS, 2022, Helsinki, Finland. This support was instrumental in helping me attend my first
conference in the bone field. The abstract of our study – Human osteoclasts in vitro are both inhibited and stimulated
dose-dependently by cannabidiol (CBD) and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), was presented in the form of a poster
in this congress. Attending this congress helped me refine my presentation and communication skills. I also
discussed my ongoing Post-doc project with major scientists in the field and the discussions led to valuable feedback
and suggestions. I particularly enjoyed meeting and exchanging ideas with my academic heroes in real-time.
ECTS, 2022 was a great mix of clinical and basic science research and gave me a lot of insight in the bone research
field. Pre-congress sessions and open forum discussions led to intense discussions without being overwhelming and
intimidating. The new investigator meet up session and meet the expert sessions were a delight for a young
investigator like me. I am very grateful for this opportunity provided to me by DKS and will urge future young
investigators to participate in ECTS 2023, Liverpool, UK, using support from platforms like DKS.

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